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  • First of all, please excuse the horrible photo quality, I don’t have my good camera on me so I had to use my phone… Secondly because I don’t have my good camera I didn’t bother to find that great of a location to take pictures… And thirdly! Sorry for the disgusting bright orange piece of plastic, I haven’t gotten a chance to buy a battle comp just yet…

    Anyways, this is my baby, or at least my baby so far. I’ve stippled the AFG and the Pistol grip for maximum grip, and spray painted the lower receiver and stock tan with black snake skin (yes I know… snake skin…) Externally all I need left is a PEQ-15, a flashlight, and a optic shield. Internally I’m still going to leave it as it is until the time comes to start replacing things, but with a CQB field finally opening up in Albuquerque. I’ll be replacing the spring with a more “CQB Friendly” one.

    So what do y’all think? Any feedback and opinions would be great!

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      This is gorgeous!
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    5. saving-livesprn said: Get a muzzle break I think muzzle breaks look better than flash hiders. I’m actually thinking of replacing my flash hider back to a muzzle break since I do t really use the suppressor on mine anymore
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      Dude, this is awesome. Glad to see you’ve finally gotten yours. It’s cool to see that we both got the same gun, but...
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