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    ☀️G’morning peeps☀️ This pic captures two Rosenberg, TX PD officers playing a ‘lil 🏀2-on-2🏀 with neighborhood kids. Is there anything wrong with this pic? Apparently some community members felt as though their tax dollars weren’t being well-spent. Ive always felt that it’s better to spend a few minutes showing the youth that we are interested in them and care, rather than spending an hour booking them later, down the road. I’ve never passed a kid with a 🏈🏀⚾️ without at least saying “hello”, and if that leads to a few minutes of tossing the ball around, then Im okay with that. What are YOUR thoughts? #heart #police #lawenforcement #leo #officer #thinblueline #tbl #sheepdog #lapd #fire #emt #dispatcher #igers #fitfam #love #live #life #lift #laugh #happy #smile #inspire #inspiration #motivate #motivation #basketball #football #baseball by la_5_o

    I like this picture. As a taxpayer, it warms my heart to see officers taking time to interact with the people they serve. They get such a bad rap nowadays, and while it’s not always well-deserved, I think there are plenty of indiscretions that make their way into the public eye. Officers are people too. Most people don’t realize how much down time the officers sometimes have between runs and patrols and reports. I consider activities like this an investment in our community. No one deals with the police because they’re having a good day. They deal with the police when they’re sick, sad, scared, lost, confused, and heartbroken. Everyone either saw something, experienced something, or did something horrific. This is good PR for the departments but beyond that, it’s good for people to be reminded that the officers serving you come from your neighborhoods just like you.
    It builds a bond of trust, one that officers often struggle to earn. I think that if they don’t already (but I think most do) the officers should make an effort to get to know the people in their neighborhoods. Say hi by name, if possible. Communities themselves are one of the most important assets in crime solving and prevention, and the job of police is made that much easier if they trust each other and are willing to help.
    So to the people who complain because they feel this wastes taxpayer money, I wonder how they think it should be better spend if not building strong community relations.

    It’s good PR, something that you wish you could see more departments adopt but can’t.

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